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1, Mar 9, 2018

Morality is a shared experience

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Morality is a shared experience. I learned of this before but didn’t give it much thought. I used to think that morality existed everywhere, alone or in a group. This is true, but we behave morally only after we have internalized the socially defined moral rules.

This shared experience came back to me when I prepared for my trip home, when I came back and recalled how I felt at home, when I said nice things to people and see their happy reactions, or when I tried to have kind thoughts toward those whom by default I tend to think negatively. I realize I have intentionally tried to make others happy. Because I feel happy when I make others happy. I feel miserable if I do the opposite.

We have to make others happy if we want happiness ourselves. It seems a paradox, though it is not. Because morality is a shared experience of all social beings.

Be very careful and selective when purchasing

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While I was in China, my folks there carried out spring cleaning as part of preparations for Spring Festival. Part of the cleaning involved throwing away unwanted stuffs.

Boy, that’s not an easy task. My youngest sister has stuff crowded here and there. One’s space is limited but what you can buy and bring in is unlimited. Once brought indoor, they are hard to be disposed.

Lesson learned: be very careful and selective when purchasing. They will cost you not only money but time to clean and dispose.

For any gain, you have to initiate the effort

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Yesterday at Beijing airport, as people started boarding, I checked my boarding pass to see which group I belonged to, group 4, seat 44B, middle.

I felt dreadful at the thought of the long trip sandwiched in between. So I approached a girl working at the desk, asking if it was possible for me to change to an aisle seat because I needed to use restroom frequently. This is true. I normally drink plenty of water on the flight.

She checked and reassigned me to 38C. It turned out to be a bigger favor than I asked. The seats from 38A to 38C were all empty, so that I was able to lie down most of the trip from Beijing to Chicago. No more leg sore, feet swollen, and back pain from long sitting. Good thing I asked.

Lesson learned: for any gain, you have to initiate the effort. Nothing good will come to your way without your asking for it.

1, Jan 20, 2018

Education is a lifelong pursuit

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Today my daughter asked me, “Are you upset about the re-education? Going to the countryside at age 18.” I told her, “Not really.”

“I think it made me value the opportunity to go back to school years later. Also it made me tougher and able to undertake hardships.

When looking back, I wish I had some proper guidance when I was 18 years old. I was told to get re-education in the countryside, but I didn’t see the good qualities that I was supposed to learn, because I had no idea what to learn and what education really meant.

If you were to spend a year or two in the countryside now, I think I could give you better advice than what I received. At that time my definition of education was very narrow.

There is no such thing as re-education. Education is supposed to last lifetime and knows no restriction regarding when and where. For those with an open mind, they educate themselves wherever and whenever they find themselves.”

Learning without teachers and classroom. Learning anywhere, anytime. This is what I want to share with my daughter now.

1, Jan 18, 2018

Keep a log tracking how you spend your time

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This is what I write to my daughter today.

“You want to get more things done. You want to get a paid job. You want to get more skills. You want to be on your own. Since you got nobody but yourself to watch over your shoulder, you really need some mechanism to meet your goals.

I suggest this
(1) keep a log to track how you spend your time. You must be honest with yourself as we all must. If you spend one-third of your time on your cellphone, it is good for you to admit your addiction to whatever you’re on and you must wean it off. HONESTY is the key.

(2) When you were home for holiday, you bought something from online shopping and also tried to get something from second-hand stores. I hope you have stopped online browsing by now. This is what I suggest: every time you do so, associate spending money with making money.

(3) Try to get into the habit of asking yourself to learn something new each day, each week, each month, and each year. I believe this is a better habit than spending time on your cellphone.

You will soon be 23 years old. I spend time thinking about your situation and writing to you, all because I care and I know you are not happy with your current situation and you eagerly want to see a big change. I want you to be happy. And you want to be happy, too. So please do the right thing for yourself.”

1, Jan 17, 2018

Lady Bird, teenage girls, challenges to parents

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Today I read this article on Time magazine, “Lady Bird: the pains of being pure at heart,” by Stephanie Zacharek. At some point it reminds me of my daughter when she was in high school, and some of my friends’ daughters.

“At one point, Saoirse Ronan, as disgruntled high school senior Christine, begs her mother, Laurie Metcalf’s Marion, for a magazine at the supermarket: “It’s only $3! I’m having a bad week!” Marion brushes her off, and it could be the usual mom move of just saying no–until she reaches the cash register and you realize that this respectable-looking suburban woman can barely cover the family groceries.

…Metcalf’s face betrays nothing so obvious as frustration or anxiety. Instead, it’s as if every molecule of her body has been, out of necessity, trained to count money. Meanwhile, when you’re a teenage girl wanting a magazine–so you can look at makeup ads, or pictures of rock stars, or fashion spreads featuring clothes you can’t afford but want to ogle anyway–it it among the world’s most straightforward, achievable desires. This measly dream costs $3, and Christine’s mother won’t–can’t–let her have it.”

I’m not here to make any judgment on either the mother or the daughter. I see myself as the mother, the parent and can see the same challenge facing thousands of parents like me.

On the one hand, we want our teenage children to be happy, healthy and ready for their life ahead, and we don’t want to upset them by saying no to them.

On the other hand, I can definitely understand the need to say no to this trivial thing when a mother can “barely cover the family groceries.” Also I can see a capricious teenager would want something else tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. There’s always something new that she wants everyday. Obviously, $3 magazine will make her happy for long, won’t buy her appreciation, won’t buy peace and won’t make us happy. In fact, it will do more damage than help in the long run.

If I had a chance to start all over again, I would teach my children before they turn teen about finance and the need to save for the rainy days and for their college expenses. I would ask them to save for their own expenses.

I would share my financial worries with them, trying to win their sympathy and understanding. With this understanding, they would be less selfish and would be willing to make sacrifice for the whole family. I would teach them the value of learning, the need to eye on the bigger prize, and focusing on the important things at this point of life, etc.

I can’t say I will be better off with this preparations. But I will keep trying and talking and making sense with the teenage children, and always keep in mind they won’t be teen forever.

Good luck, parents of teenagers!

1, Jan 16, 2018

You must have a plan for a semester, a summer, a year…

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Lately I had a rather difficult exchange with one of my relatives. He goes to a local college here. He went back to China for winter break and came back on New Year’s Day. As soon as he got back, he made it clear that he would go back to China in May for the summer. That means he would spend both winter and summer breaks in China, totally four months out of a year. Two trips and four months in one year! This is crazy. I mean when I went to school back in 1980s, I lived on scholarship. Not much, of course. I made a trip back home once in three years. I just cannot wrap my head around this!

I know they have money now, still it makes no sense. I cannot advice them not to waste money since they seem to have too much on hand. I can only approach them about making good use of time, three whole months in summer.

I wrote to my relative, “What ultimately matters is no matter where he spends his summer, he needs to have a goal, a plan, so that he can get something done, so that he won’t waste his life. It’s OK if he desires the comfort that Beijing home offers to him. It’s OK that he wants to be high with his friends in Beijing, but it’s not OK to waste the whole summer without getting anything done.”

“I remember when I was in elementary school, my father always asked me to make a plan for the summer break, expecting me to complete at least one thing during the summer. I didn’t know better at that time and was rather resentful of writing any plan. When my children were little, I set the same expectation of them. Now both of them have got into the habit of planning and finding a goal for a set period. So much so that even my son’s girl friend is going to write a resolution for this year. I think it a good practice. It helps us not to waste time.”

Since I spent some time on this issue, I found it rather meaningful, helpful. So here’s the record.

1, Jan 11, 2018

Remembering my father…

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On 5/4/2017, while I was in China, my sister mentioned one thing about our father. When he was around, he never spoke ill of people behind their backs, neither did we at that time. But after he passed away, we all started bad-mouthing people, including our mother.

What she said is true. Why so? Why do we start gossiping and bad-mouthing after my father left us?

I don’t know the answer at this moment. In fact, the answer is not important. What matters is the fact that we realize this and we want to get back to the way my father wished if he were still around.

I am genuinely sorry that I have deviated from the teaching my father exemplified in his life. I want to be a nice and kind person like my father. Apples do not fall far from the tree. I want to show to myself that I am my father’s daughter in deed!

1, Jan 10, 2018

How I handle distractions

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If I sit for too long doing one thing, my legs get sore and I tend to become less attentive and efficient. So I always set a 30-minute timer when I sit down.

Very often some random thoughts crop up while I am reading or in the middle of a 30-minute timer. On the one hand, I am tempted to do something right that minute because I don’t want to forget these thoughts. On the other hand, I hate to “break my concentration during pomodoro sessions” or get sidetracked.

So I write them on a post-it note and will take care of them later. When I handle one issue, I set timer for however long I allow myself for this issue, so that I don’t let one issue take over my day or my plan for the day.

I wrote to my daughter today, “I am sure the situation sounds familiar to you. I hope you have some mechanisms to handle this.” She wrote this to me, “Yeah, I also write things down on a notepad window when I don’t want to break my concentration during pomodoro sessions.”

1, Jan 9, 2018

End of holiday, Start getting serious with New Year Resoluton

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We drove to the airport early this morning. My daughter needed to catch 6:40 am flight to NYC. After getting back from the airport, I was waiting at home for news of her safe landing.

A little after 9 am, I received a message from Delta notifying me of the arrival of the flight. Soon I also heard from my daughter. It made me feel better after hearing from her. Then I drove the car to Firestone for oil change. From there I walked back home.

I planned to do some cleaning after I got back. But as I moved around the house, seeing clothes lying here and there, I felt rather sad, so much so that I felt like crying. I miss my children very much. They are so far away now.

So I thought it not a good time to move around the house. I need to focus hard on something. I need to start working on my New Year Resolution. I really need something to keep my spirit up, something my children will be proud of.

For today, I picked up John Grisham’s novel The Firm.

1, Jan 4, 2018

New Year Resolution 2018

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I am going to save this as the desktop screen on my laptop. I will check it at least once a month.

1, Oct 29, 2017

Don’t punish yourself with other’s inconsideration

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It is a bright autumn day, a very comfortable day until I had these two encounters.

I went to Barnes & Noble’s today to check some books for a newborn baby, my idea of gift, no matter what age you are at.

I bought some cotton books for babies. The salesgirl told me I could save 20 percent if I signed up for $25 membership. I would have 20% instead of normal 10% membership saving if I signed up today. So I did.

When I was sitting in my car, I thought of CloudBit Starter Kit by littleBits Electronics, which I liked very much but was discouraged for its price. Even at 50% off now, I still see it an unnecessary luxury. But wait. Now with membership, I can get 70% off the original price. I should grab this deal.

So I went back to the store. After confirming with the same salesgirl that 20% would be taken off whatever I bought today, I went back to grab the CloudBit Starter Kit, already feeling guilty for this indulgence.

When the salesgirl told me the final cost, I thought she made a mistake. It doesn’t sound like 20% off. She told me it was correct and I couldn’t get 20% off clearance goods, which was not true. Because I did get one from my previous purchase that day.

She talked fast and sounded rather impatient, which made me very comfortable, as if I caused her to be so unpleasant to me. When she asked if I wanted it, I said “Oh, forget it,” and left the store.

As I drove back home, her unpleasant manner and attitude were with me all the time. I couldn’t sweep it out of my mind.

Unbeknown to me, more unpleasant thing was waiting for me.

When I approached the front door, I saw the pot that I asked to be returned sitting at there. “Why didn’t she contact me before coming over?” I searched my cell phone and wechat to see if she had contacted me for this visit. She always does. No, not this time.

So I wrote to her, “You came over today when I was at the bookstore. When are you leaving for China?” She didn’t reply. Of course.

About two weeks ago, I gave her husband some plants. But I forgot to tell them to return to me the fig plant pot after re-potting. So I wrote to her later, asking if I could have the pot back after they re-potted the plant.

That pot is actually the best one that I have now. So I thought it better that I tell her this honestly. To my surprise, she sounded unhappy when I asked. The fact that she came today without telling me beforehand only confirmed my previous feeling.

For a moment I was tortured by a wretched feeling. I can’t say I don’t care. Then I realize that I have done nothing wrong. They threw bad attitude toward me without caring how I feel. It is actually they who should feel bad now.

Finally I told myself that I should stop punishing myself for other’s inconsideration.

1, Sep 20, 2017

The Fountain of Youth is inside you and me

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There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age. -Sophia Loren, actor and singer (b. 20 Sep 1934) 

1, Sep 5, 2017

Thinking vs watching vs doing

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When you do nothing but thinking, everything is a problem to you.
When you do nothing but watching, you are forever an onlooker.
The solution will start to take shape only when you start doing something.
Remember a problem will not go away by itself.

1, Aug 23, 2017

Action is better than inaction; Be humble is better than swaggering

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I wrote some notes a few weeks ago, left them there and forgot where I picked them. Here are some of them.

1. In most cases, action is better than inaction; decision is better than without.
2. Work with people who complement you, not with people who are like you
3. Be humble, no swaggering. Be yourself.
4. Try to have a good mood everyday. Mood is not your life, but it can definitely influence your life, for better or for worse. Very often you don’t lose to others. You lose to your own mood.

I wrote to two of my former colleagues/friends today. One returned to me immediately with contagious excitement. The other not. We were in the same office for half a year prior to my leaving. This is the second time that I wrote to her without a response. I guess I have lost her. Sad. Flowers blossom and fade on their own. That’s life.

1, Jul 20, 2017

Things that can hurt you, potentially

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Among many things that can do huge damages to you in the long run, here are some that young people should not ignore.

(1) You don’t know what you want to do with your life. That is, you don’t have a goal in life.
(2) You tend to be pessimistic. When you always think “It’s impossible,” you place a limit on what you can do.
(3) You can’t persist to the end. You give up halfway when things get tough.
(4) You lack objective self-evaluation. That is, you don’t know yourself, your strength and weakness.
(5) You rely too much on others. You are not independent enough to be on your own, mentally and psychologically.
(6) You are hesitant and indecisive, spending too much time balancing cost and benefit. You dare not risk taking a step into the unknown, the unfamiliar. You remain in your comfort zone as long as you can.
(7) You indulge too much in the past and regrets, which only ends up wasting your time and life.
(8) You try to avoid headaches and problems. Problems won’t go away by themselves. Often you experience a leap forward by taking on challenges in life.

1, Jul 11, 2017

Remembering my father, 30 years have passed

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7/11/1987, 30 years have passed since my father left us. I can’t believe 30 years have gone and I feel like I still can’t get over the loss.

Today my old classmate shared some of her travel pictures with me. Above is one of them. For some reason, I think my father would love this picture. It looks so quiet, peaceful, sunny and green, as if life should be like this. I wish he could see it.

Here’s to my father. I remember what you taught me when I was young. I will always keep this in mind. I will try my best to live up to your expectation, to be the person you wanted me to.

1, Jul 3, 2017

An unforgettable meeting with an old friend

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It’s been nearly two weeks since I came back from China. I was in China between 4/4 and 6/20. While I was in China, I had many gatherings with friends and old classmates. Some I met more than once.

I met up with Bin at 11:30 on 6/3/2017, our second meeting. We initially planned to meet at Fangjia hutong, but we changed the place because it was too crowded with a wedding activity. We ended up in a small coffee shop on Beixinqiao avenue, close to san-tiao.

Before saying goodbye, he gave me some advice. He said I am at the best time in my life–free from financial worries, free from parental responsibilities, free from physical constraints, free to do whatever I want to do previously but was held back due to this or that reason.

That’s so true! I keep asking myself this question: what is it that I want to do? I know I still have a lot to contribute and to share with. I have this or that plan. But what is it that I’m so passionate about? Teaching? But where? Writing?

In order not to waste time, I have been pouring efforts on Italian language since I came back.

Time is running out like crazy. I need to roll up my sleeves now. More on this later.

1, Mar 27, 2017

Happy birthday, my daughter!

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Today is my daughter’s birthday. Like her brother, ever since she left for college, she has been celebrating her birthday with her friends, away from home. She told me her friends came over last weekend, one for spring break, one for a job interview. They had some gathering both for friends reunion and for her birthday, which was so wonderful! I’m so happy for her. I miss both of my great children. Here’s a birthday balloon picture that I made for her.

1, Mar 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, my son!

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Today is my son’s birthday. He and his girlfriend fly to Sweden for his birthday. He talked to me via facetime from the airport. Ever since he left home for college in 2007, he started having his birthday with his friends. It’s been 10 years. I am so happy for him! I’m so glad that he is always surrounded with friends, and he is able to create a home-away-from-home. I’m happy, as long as he is happy. I miss my children, especially on their birthday. Here’s a birthday cake for him!

1, Feb 28, 2017

Things you cannot overdo

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Here are something that you’d better not overdo:
(1) Social media: it is better to make connections with people who provide support, instead of racking up the biggest number of friends

(2) Parenting: avoid coddling your children, allow them to experience healthy failure that you can grow and learn from.

(3) Housing: don’t obsess over square footage. Not bigger is better. Bigger means more expensive in heating, cooling, cleaning, and of course money.

1, Feb 27, 2017

Can we create more from what we already have or get more from less?

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This is what I read at Barnes & Nobel’s on 2/25/2017. Below is the note from reading Time magazine.

“The science of stretching offers an effective alternative for us to do more without getting more, see potential rather than worrying about perceived limitations.

The habit of stretching readies us to work through the challenges. With too many resources, we become distracted by our accumulations, focus on the wrong goals, become wasteful of what we do have already.”

I have to add something else here. Sometimes when we are surrounded by too much stuffs, more than we need, we are rendered unable to enjoy life. We have to spend time organizing stuffs, trying to decide which we will keep and which we will dispose. The more time we have to spend on our stuffs, the less time we have for our life, the more miserable we feel, the more we wish we had not bought them home in the first place! Lesson learned too late!

Question for ourselves: what can I do with what I already have, instead of waiting to get more in order to do more?

Stop comparing with others! Sometimes, it is difficult to be productive and content with what you have when you are constantly making comparison with others.

1, Feb 22, 2017

Your character determines your destiny

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You are responsible for the direction of your life’s journey. Don’t blame others when you become adults.
Your experiences are the most valuable asset of yours, especially when you hunt for jobs.
Your character determines your destiny.
I thought of this today. It sounds true even though I forgot where I read it.

1, Feb 17, 2017

Thought on the practice of foot binding

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It’s easy to see the physical harm and the restriction of mobility inflicted by the foot binding practice in ancient China. What is not easy to perceive is the mental binding and restrictions that we feel every day — the pressure to conform and the fear of taking a path that is different from the majority, the fear of the risk and the unknown, the fear of missing out.

It is easy to say that we are not the slaves of others, that we don’t copy others. What is difficult is to express our own thoughts instead of echoing those of others, to follow our own passion instead of doing things because this is what you are told to do.

It is okay that we do things like the nursery rhyme when we were little, but we have to tell ourselves that we got to graduate from nursery days when we are adults.

This is the way we wash our face,
Wash our face, wash our face.
This is the way we wash our face,
So early in the morning.

This is the way we comb our hair,
Comb our hair, comb our hair.
This is the way we comb our hair,
So early in the morning.

This is the way we brush our teeth
Brush our teeth, brush our teeth.
This is the way we brush our teeth
So early in the morning.

This is the way we put on our clothes,
Put on our clothes Put on our clothes
This Is The Way
This is the way we put on our clothes,
So early in the morning.

1, Feb 16, 2017

Thought for the day: Keep up this upbeat searching spirit everyday

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There are many factors that contribute to lifelong success, success beyond high school and college. One of them is an upbeat, searching spirit, the entrepreneur spirit, seeking opportunities to get things done, or create opportunities for you and others, to harness your creative mind and energy to create and serve, create service, create products, company, etc.

Keep up this spirit, let yourself be guided by it, no matter what you do and where you are.

1, Feb 9, 2017

From my office to my home office

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Months before I left my office, I took down all these from the wall of my office. I didn’t throw them away immediately. How I love these words. Today I copied them down once again, saved it on my computer and posted them here.

1, Jan 30, 2017

Answer to the root of happiness, Five happiness traits

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I have been wondering why I seem happier than some people that I met. Now I found the answer from this article, “The 5 Personality Traits That Make for a Better Life” Not surprise that I find myself high on all five traits.

Here are the five traits from the article:
1. Enthusiasm
2. Low withdrawal
3. Industriousness
4. Compassion
5. Intellectual curiosity
Enthusiasm: This is a trait defined by such phrases as “has a lot of fun” and “laughs a lot,” and so it is not surprising that the human golden retrievers who score high in enthusiasm would also report leading more enjoyable lives. This aspect of personality falls under extroversion, and as such, it also has to do with how you relate to others: enthusiastic people tend to make friends easily, and they warm up quickly to others. They also tend to get carried away by their excitement.

Low withdrawal: This is rather inelegantly named, as it’s primarily defined by what it isn’t. Withdrawal is an aspect of neuroticism, and people who are high in this trait have an uneasy relationship with themselves — they are easily embarrassed, easily overwhelmed, and easily discouraged. A low score in this trait makes for a better life (which, of course, makes a lot of sense).

Industriousness: Here’s where this new paper starts getting interesting, particularly for those of us who find ourselves drawn to the life-hacker-y corners of the internet. According to this paper, the getting-shit-done personality also tends to be linked to greater well-being. Industriousness is a side of conscientiousness, and it’s marked by a tendency toward planning ahead, working hard, and finishing what you start, without wasting time or getting distracted in the process. Leave me to my lists; I am happiest with them.

Compassion: This is an aspect of agreeableness, and it describes the sort of person who is interested in other people’s lives and problems, and who likes to do little acts of kindness for loved ones and strangers alike. An interest in others’ well-being seems to spell good things for your own. Who knew?

Intellectual curiosity: This is a trait defined by a love of complex problems, difficult books, and meandering philosophical conversations. People with intellectual curiosity — a facet of openness in the original Big Five — are quick learners and thinkers, with rich vocabularies and the capacity to handle high volumes of information at once. Curiosity about the world around you turns out to predict your happiness within it.

1, Jan 25, 2017

Health advice to my children

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Today I read about this in Chinese. I thought of sharing them with my children. So, here’s the English version on health.

1. On health, nurture works better than nature. You might inherit longevity gene from your parents, but you won’t be able to carry on this gene if you don’t take good care of your body. Nurture means a healthy lifestyle with diverse food intake and daily exercise.

2. Overnutrition is a form of malnutrition.

3. Getting mad or upset or low spirit or sad or depressed hurts your body as much as a disease does.

4. Getting drunk damages your liver like an attack of acute liver infection.

5. Family disharmony is detrimental to your health.

6. Loneliness hurts people more than poverty.

1, Jan 23, 2017

Volunteer high school English writing starting 2017

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Today is the first week that I am totally free since I quit my last position. Last Monday we drove to K-State, last Tuesday I sent my sister back to Beijing. Last Thursday I participated in Blue Valley Multi-culture festival, involved in both teaching and fund raising using my origami skill. In the late afternoon, I went to Edward Jones office.

Here are things that I have done today.
1. Called health insurance on vision benefit
2. Called Shawnee Mission School District about volunteering, tutoring English class, talked to Katie, 993-6411, SMSD volunteer manager, and Erin Burvee, the south social worker. Erin told me she would contact English teachers to find out if there’s a need for it, and would get back to me. I have not heard from her by the end of the day.
3. Continued reading Neapolitan Novels
4. Walked to neighborhood Walmart
5. Fasting since last night, first time to see how I take it.
6. Helped Jiadi with T-Mobile online payment
7. Went to JCPenny to get eye glasses for the other adult in the evening

1, Jan 1, 2017

New Year Resolutions — 2017

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This is the first draft.

New Year Resolution 2017

Rules for myself:
1. Get up no later than 6:30 in the morning
2. Use Timer as soon as I sit down either reading or writing or on the computer
3. Socializing only on weekend (email, facebook, LinkedIn, wechat)
4. Watch my time, avoid spending too much time on something meaningless.
5. Do not purchase anything other than edibles without the absolute need for it.

Must do daily:
1. Read one joke per day
2. Stretch/swing 5 minutes each morning
3. Walk at least 30 minutes
4. Formulate one exercise and do it once a day

Must do this year:
1. Learn one German song per month
2. Read at least one book per month
3. Memorize one poem per month
4. Write at least one article per month
5. Fasting for one day per week, each Monday.
6. Volunteer maximum two hours per day
7. Learn a new skill, e.g. drawing

Personal Improvement:
1. Hear other people out without interrupting and without jumping to conclusion
2. Try not to raise my voice no matter how upset I might be

To be continued…

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