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1, Jul 2, 2013

A party at a friend’s house

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Last Saturday, a friend of mine invited us together with 5 or 6 families to gather at her house as her parents were here and would leave soon.

One family is going to send their son to medical school, from there we talked a lot about the cost of going to college and beyond. My impression is most Chinese parents are willing to invest in their children’s future.

More than one people complimented my daughter’s Chinese. Some even asked where she grew up. They were surprised to learn that none of my children had gone to Chinese school, yet they all could talk like native.

We had plenty of good food there. Next morning we had to go extra miles to burn them out.

1, Apr 7, 2013

Talked with friends, college cost and others

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Another weekend edition.
I had a busy day yesterday–got up late in the morning, went out walking for an hour in the morning. Shortly after I got back, a friend of mine called about college expense.

Her child was admitted by some great colleges but not the top three that she wanted most. The dreadful part is she has no scholarship at all, leaving her parents to cough out the whooping cost of $63,000 a year, $252,000 for four years if tuition remains unchanged. Guess what? The child cried because she was afraid that her parents would not pay for her graduate school. Whew!! Her parents sent her to private middle and high school, then are going to pay for her college. Way more than most parents are willing to pay.

The good news: my daughter’s event placed first at the State competition, but her school as the whole did not come out first. So she and her partner cannot go national for their individual event. What a pity!

1, Apr 6, 2013

Another Saturday, another out of town trip…

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Yes, it is funny that I add this category for weekend edition. There is always something for weekend, something that we don’t do during week day. I will need to get visa for my daughter as a Chinese visa service is available today only.

My daughter is with her school for this year’s Science Olympiad competition at state level. I was told even if she is placed first for her individual event at the state level, which she did at regional level, she and her partner might not go national for that event. The school team that come out first at the state competition will go national.

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