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1, Apr 23, 2013

This year’s Academic Decathlon in Minneapolis

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My daughter will leave with her school for Minneapolis, Minnesota to participate this year’s Academic Decathlon. It will be held from April 25–27, 2013.

Her high school, Shawnee Mission South, scored 37,712 points at state level, which stands highest and qualifies it to go for national competition. But SMS is no match to a high school in California. Granada Hills Charter High School makes 51,590 points.

Since this is her last time for this type of event, I hope she has a good time in Minneapolis.

1, Aug 31, 2012

I love these high school years

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When I look back at my children’s high school years so far, I am  more than ever convinced that these few years, age 14 to 18, are indeed the most transformative ones in a person’s life. Sometimes, they are the hardest ones for parents, too. I see it in both of my children, well, of course not complete yet as my daughter is in her 4th year now.

I have seen the unbelievable changes in them, the gigantic leap both mentally and emotionally, their enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. They all reached a higher order of thinking and writing. I am glad to admit that both of my children are better writers than I am.

They are more resilient after experiencing some ups and downs, wins and losses in these years. They gradually find their goals and path in life and are working steadily toward it.

They have come to understand what they should value in life. By the end of high school, they are mature enough to stand on their own.

Alas, when that happens and when you finally and truly enjoy their company, it is time for them to leave.

1, Aug 15, 2012

First day of school, fall of 2012

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8/15, mooncake festival, according to lunar calendar. Not today, though.
Yesterday was the first day of school for my daughter, the start of a new school year. My daughter came back telling me she had a great time at school, seeing her friends again after a long summer break.

Yesterday evening I took her out to buy some stuffs, one piece of top and some snacks for school. We did not buy much and she was happy with less.

Before we went out, I showed her a piece that I wrote for midwest voices on Mitt Romney’s VP pick. After that, we talked about American politics, conservatives, liberals and the coming elections. She shows great interests here because of a course that she is taking this year.

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