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1, Dec 29, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions! It’s the end of the year, literally.

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I can’t believe it’s the end of the year now and it’s been a few months since I wrote last here. I’m not going to record in detail things happened during last two months, even though a lot have been taken place. Here’s the list of major events.
My sister came over at the end of October.
My son came back on 12/12 and left for Taiwan on 12/25.
My first younger sister’s son came back from his visit to K-State on 12/17.
My daughter came back on 12/19.
My second young sister’s son came on 12/20 and left on 12/25.
My daughter will go back to NYC on New Year’s Day.
My first sister’s son will start school on 1/14/2019.
My sister will go back to China on 1/20/2019.
I have booked air ticket for my trip to China on 1/31/2019.

This year is different from previous years in that I will need to motivate my students in China to do the same, in addition to encourage my children to work on theirs.

Below is what I share with my students in China.

New Year’s Resolutions
New Year! New Me! Let us see a year as a calendar with 365 pages. Each day is a blank page. You write on each page with your actions and achievements.

New Year’s Resolutions is a list of goals that you want to see on these pages. It is very important that you start the year with clear goals!

First of all, ask yourself deeply why we want to write a New Year Resolution. There are many reasons for me. Number one, I want to be a better person. Number two, I want to set some goals for myself. Number three, I want to set a good example for you and my children.

Secondly, you must know where you want to improve in the coming year. It’s better to have a central theme for the year. Don’t think a year is very long and you can accomplish many things in one year. In fact, a year can fly by very fast. You will feel good about yourself if you can accomplish at least one resolution at the end of a year.

Thirdly, you must have a time frame for your goal, that is, how often you want to check your progress or what date you plan to reach your goal. You must have a way to keep track of your progress. You are more likely to follow your resolutions if you check yourself weekly or monthly or quarterly. If not, you will likely forget about these resolutions.

Fourthly, keep your goals reasonable and realistic. It’s better to have goals that you know you can achieve than having goals you may never reach within a year. Always avoid big slogans and impossibilities.

1, Feb 1, 2016

How to get back to your New Year Resolution

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Obviously time flies by without our catching it and without finding me getting anywhere in meeting my New Year Resolution. See how the first month of the new year is gone now! Today is the first day of the second month of the still new year.

Looking back at last month, I am sorry to say I have behaved like before and have not been as productive as I have promised myself. I can see how month slips by like before without me accomplishing anything. And I don’t want this month repeats last month or this year repeat last year.

This is what I have to do in order to have a more productive year than previous ones. On the first day of each month, I will ask myself this question: what do you want to achieve for this month? Lay out specific short-term goals for each week.

This is what I have for this month:
For daily brain exercise:
Memorize one investment term a day for this month. Review them daily.
For daily physical exercise:
Walk briskly for 30 minutes a day plus 100 jumprope a day
For daily reading
Read about Game Theory at least 30 minutes a day;

Week1: finish writing the first draft of two articles: (1) book review on South of Broad (2) the article on working with the monitor;

Week2: contact ACRP the MONITOR journal for publishing the monitor article; contact others if no reply; editing them if there is a need; work on an article on the two war memoir novels. Explore the topic of AE reporting for the second article to be published;

Week3: complete at least one book review on the book that I have finished reading;

Week4: write a piece on game theory.

I have so many books lying around on the floor that I have planned to read but never find time for them. I will read them if I have met my goals for the week.

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