Perigee moon 14% bigger and 30% brighter as it passes closer to Earth

Yesterday morning, as early as 3 AM, I had the good luck of seeing this year’s perigee moon when I helped packing the car for another adult to head for Houston, Texas. It was absolutely bigger and brighter than normal one, making the night so unlike a night time.

At the moment like this, I wish I had a good camera or I could capture the scene or I knew how to use a good one. Too bad I didn’t, so I have to borrow one by Darryl Webb/Reuters.

Enjoy Spring Beauty Before It Springs Away

The change of season always triggers a change of mood, not always for the better though. The little bird nest on the tree top, a happy scene, yet reminds me of so many empty-nest families.

On 4/7/2011, I was feeling like down in the blue valley then up to the summit when I received this exhilarating picture. Its tender green color and cheerful light symbolize a spring renewal and a coming back to life once again. I post the picture here to remember the transient joy it once gave to me.

Enjoy the weekend before it ends.

Enjoy the Colors of the Autumn

Yesterday, 10/28/2010, after we got off the department meeting, as I turned onto Wornall Street, my eyes were pleasantly greeted by a large red splash glowing like fire under the blue sunny sky. As I drove closely, I began to appreciate the red color of the autumn leaves, next to it were the yellow ones.

I was tempted to pulled the car by the side and walked down the road just to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Mother Nature. Life suddenly appears unbelievably beautiful. I wish I could capture the colors of the autumn. For now, I wish I had more time walking down the road to absorb it while they are here.

After I drove back to my office, I kept having these patches of colors in my mind. Then I decided to search for some nice colorful pictures of the autumn. The returns were overwhelmingly beautiful, but no single one image can do justice to the immense beauty I just witnessed. Hence, I have made my own collection and share with readers here.

My son called when he was at the airport, ready to depart for western coast for a job interview. The company will give them a welcome dinner in the evening. The interview will take place tomorrow morning. I wish him good luck.

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