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1, Jul 14, 2013

It is scary to read what those doctors have done

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Can you trust your doctor this time? Read this article if you are not convinced and not scary like me — “Surgical errors rise in Mass. despite new controls. Many preventable mistakes cited, but few of them caused serious harm”
By Liz Kowalczyk, 7/7/2013

“Massachusetts hospitals are reporting more errors during surgery and invasive procedures, even after an intensive, decade-long campaign to reduce these mistakes — called “never events” because they’re preventable and, with reasonable precautions, simply shouldn’t happen.”

“Errors disclosed to state health officials since 2011 included anesthesia injected into the wrong leg, a guidewire left inside a patient’s vein, and a catheter threaded into a patient who didn’t need one, according to hospital safety leaders.”

Read the article in its entirety for more stories.

1, Jul 6, 2013

Can’t trust doctors to do the right thing for you all the time

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When it concerns your health, you have to do your own research. You can never trust your doctor to do the right thing for you all the time. This is what I just read lately, “Doctors prescribe narcotics too often for pain, CDC chief says

“Narcotics should be reserved for severe pain, otherwise patients run the unnecessary risk of addiction and overdoses, CDC chief says.”

“Drug overdose is one of the few causes of death in the United States that is worsening, eclipsing fatal traffic accidents in 2009. The CDC put the spotlight on the problem in 2011, declaring the surge in deaths an epidemic, and it has been escalating its efforts to reduce the toll ever since.”

“The nation’s top public health official on Tuesday sharply criticized the widespread treatment of aches and pains with
narcotics, saying that doctors are prescribing such drugs too soon, too often and for too long — putting patients at risk of addiction and overdose.”

“…doctors are relying on these powerful drugs to treat chronic pain when physical therapy, exercise and other remedies would be safer and in many cases more effective.”

“Prescribing an opiate may be condemning a patient to lifelong addiction and life-threatening complications.”
“…there is a growing awareness…that physicians’ prescriptions play a significant role in fueling addiction and overdoses.”

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