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1, Jul 2, 2019

Good habits that children should develop as early as possible

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Good habits that children should develop:

  1. Don’t waste time. Time is all we have in life. Learn to follow a schedule.
  2. Team work. Learn with work with others.
  3. DIY. Learn to solve problems and fix things yourself.
  4. Diligence. Being lazy is the root of many problems later in life.
  5. Early to bed, early to rise. A morning in bed is a day gone.
  6. Eat a variety of food.
  7. Keep personal hygiene and things in order
  8. Do not waste.
  9. Keep your mind open and curious
  10. Be polite and respectful of others
  11. Independent thinker
  12. Love of reading — the window to the big world

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