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1, Oct 8, 2018

How productive you are at work depends on your perception of your work

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How productive you are at work depends very much on your perception of your work and how you breathe meaning into your office life, how your work is related to your larger picture of life, above and beyond the temporary paychecks you get.

You spend one-third of your day there with some people who happen to accompany on your life’s journey. I want to make my daughter see life at work transcending paychecks and people around.

How do we do it?

First of all, never perceive your office hours like a physically confined inmate waiting for the end of the day.

Secondly, connect your work to your career development and your life mission. Yes, you must have a mission in life that answers why you are here.

Thirdly, demand a better you from yourself with each passing day, and make sure today’s work will lead to a better you tomorrow, with sharpened skills and increased intangible assets. See everyday as the process of your becoming that better you.

Finally, to rise above the crazy daily mundane that constantly screams for your undivided attention, you must never lose sight of the goal that you set for yourself, the ideal that you have held dearly, the larger picture, and of course your mission in life.

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