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1, Sep 13, 2018

The Less said, the better, at office

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Sometimes certain phrase is pegged in my brain and refuses to go away. Today that phrase is show-and-tell. I think of the picture of my daughter doing show-and-tell at kindergarten. That always brought back my years at China Daily when I learned to show and not tell.

I learned that writers should always show and not tell. Don’t act like you know best. Always assume readers are smarter than you. Because language can both conceal and reveal our inner self. For a long time I developed a deep-seated aversion to show and tell.

When I was at KCCC, I witnessed a colleague performing daily show-and-tell. Every time she did some work, she must make it known to all. This adult version of show and tell reinforced my previous dislike.

Let us leave show-and-tell to where it belongs — kindergarten. Office is adult world. Do your job. The less said, the better, at office.

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