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1, Sep 14, 2018

My birthday, the day after, and the truth

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Yesterday was my birthday. Some friends sent me their birthday wishes, which was very heart-warming. I mean it would be a lie if I acted like I didn’t care. I was disappointed that my children were not among them. Oh well, my bad. I didn’t raise them well. My explanation.

Today my children sent me their belated birthday wishes and profuse apologies. I was going to tell them what I truly think. The other adult told me not to continue. I asked my children if they wanted me to tell the truth. Of course truth is better of the two. So I proceeded.

I want to be honest with my children. I am sure my children want me to open up with them. After all, what our relationship would be if I cannot even tell the truth to my children? They know it would be detrimental to my health if I bottle up emotions.

I want my children to remember this incident, not the forgotten birthday, but to always open up what they have in mind, to always tell the truth to your loved ones. In the long run, truth always win. Don’t dismiss it like “Oh well, I don’t care” unless they truly don’t care.

For me, I do care, especially when none of my relatives in China remember my birthday, even though I am always the first one to shout out “Happy birthday” to them.

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