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1, Aug 30, 2018

People tend to overestimate how much time and motivation they will have

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This is a too familiar situation: you initially bought some materials for some big project that you planned to do. But as time went by, all you have is the parts or an incomplete project scattered around, collecting dusts. Because you either don’t have the time for this or lose initial energy to see it through.

Perhaps it’s not good to buy supplies too far in advance. People tend to overestimate how much time and motivation they’ll have in the future.

Perhaps it takes time and perseverance to complete a big project.

1, Aug 19, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians book and movie

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I have read the books by Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, Rich People Problems. Yesterday I watched movie adapted from Kwan’s novels. As always, movie runs at a faster pace and with less time than novels, therefore it gives much less details than books.

The main thing is: the central theme shifts when it is adapted to movie. The movie is more on the cultural conflict between east and west.

Family always comes first in the east and individuals need to make sacrifice for their family, while in west as represented by Rachel Chu and Nick Young, individual passion and happiness take precedence over family. Of course, in the end the western value prevails.

The novels are more like a satire on the shallow rich, materialistic, and snobbish Asians than east-west cultural conflict.

To my surprise, I found out today that this movie even makes it to Time cover story. I have no doubt that Crazy Rich Asians is about to elevate the images of Asians, much faster than anything else.

What can we say about movie and culture? Movie uses visual images to convey messages. Never underestimate the power of images as here presented by these Asian movies stars. They are a much stronger force in improving Asian images than all the hard work by Asians to outperform academically. Of course, because movie stars get more publicity than Nobel price winners.

1, Aug 5, 2018

5 keys to your success in a decade

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If you want success or want to get somewhere in your career, five or ten years down the road, you’d better possess the following five crucial abilities.

1. Ability to control your mood and emotion, instead of allowing yourself to be controlled by them.

2. Ability to endure pressure, resiliency. It’s not how high you can climb. It’s how deep you fall and then climb out of it that is the real strength.

3. Know the value of money, know how to earn money, not just how to spend.

4. Self-confidence. You must first believe you can make it. Never doubt yourself, no matter what others say.

5. Independence in your thinking and in life. Never allow yourself to follow others blindly.

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