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1, Jul 21, 2018

A thought of the day: Parenting is a contract

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Parenting, at a time, is a covenant, a promise. We promise to treat each other with love and respect. If a parent loses his cool, raises his voice and treats the child with disrespect, the parent breaks the promise, which gives the child the reason to behave similarly.

If the parent asks the child to read more, he should spend as much time reading as he can. If the parent tells the child to have a goal in life, the parent should not live like an aimless loser.

Though the contract between parents and the child is unwritten, both sides should behave as similarly as possible. The key to this is: parents should first be the kind of person they want their child to be.

1, Jul 11, 2018

Remembering my father today, the summer of 1987

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I remember the date July 11, 1987 when my father left us. But only this year I realize that he left in a summer. Perhaps because it has been very hot this year.

On this day, as I have done many times in the past, I tried to gather some flowers for him. This year when I thought of summer, I would like very much to share with him some summer scene, green grass and wild flowers under the blue sky. I wish he could see this lovely scene. I wish… so many of my wishes and so many words about what I have been doing. I hardly know where to begin.

In short, for me my father has always embodied the best qualities of man. I am still trying to live up to this model of mine.

Each year when I go back to China, I ask my mother to tell me about my father. I will do more of this next year.

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