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1, May 19, 2018

Writing is Always a Means to an End

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There exists a widely held misunderstanding among Chinese parents. That is, writing is for those majoring in humanities. It is not as important as STEM majors when, in reality, one’s emotional intelligence (EQ) is closely related to one’s writing skill.

The good thing is you can acquire a high level of EQ through proper training. And writing is the most effective ways of improving one’s EQ. Writing involves the following abilities:

(1) Ability to imagine
(2) Ability to create
(3) Ability to put yourself in other’s shoes.
(4) Ability to put in words your thoughts and feelings. If you find it difficult to write, it is often because you have not completed the task of good thinking
(5) Ability to think critically
(6) Ability to reflect upon your own life
(7) Ability to discover and systematize your findings
(8) Ability to observe and see what others can’t see
(9) Ability to collect and process raw materials.
(10) Ability to understand humans feelings and thoughts, the feeling of loneliness, of helplessness, of pride, of despair, of triumph…

For example, a child is asked to write a story, using the third person view, about the conflict between a teenager and his single-parent mother. He will not only describe what is going on between them, their dialogues and all the spoken words, but also go beneath the surface to narrate the goings-on inside each of them, that is, the unspoken inner activities, the misunderstanding between them. This writing exercise will help the child see things from parents’ perspective. Of course, parents will benefit from this exercise, too.

Regardless what your child will major in the future, he will inevitably need to express his thought or communicate with others clearly and logically. He won’t go far without a good written communication skill.

Another example, a scientific paper will be more effective and well accepted if it is well written. It is no exaggeration, a well-written paper can make or break in one’s career path.

One’s IQ is relatively stable when comparing to EQ. Therefore, it is a rather effective way of self-improvement when we make efforts to increase our EQ. Unfortunately, the training of one’s EQ is often neglected.

Among reasons for this neglect are:
(1) It takes a long time to raise one’s writing skill and EQ.
(2) Unlike math class, it is difficult to quantify the results of writing training and efforts on developing one’s EQ.
(3) Most importantly, writing and one’s EQ do not see relevant when it comes to college application.

Education is not a sprint. It is a marathon. If parents and their children cannot see beyond their immediate gains and losses, they will most likely lose the battle of life in the long run. Therefore, we should devote more time on sharpening our writing skills and developing our EQ, so that the accumulation of those little quantitative gains will eventually yield a qualitative leap.

Keep in mind, writing is always a means to an end. The end gain will be bigger than life when you look back.

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