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1, May 11, 2018

Life would be easy, if parents set rules from very beginning

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When I talked to my mom over wechat today, she told me an interesting story.

My youngest sister keeps a cat. She trained the cat to pee and poop outside her apartment. Every morning she would take the cat out and bring him in after he’s done using restroom outside. So the cat now never mess up indoors.

On the other hand, my sister has a neighbor who has a pet dog. It was a tiny puppy when they first got it. From very beginning, they trained the puppy to use restroom at a certain spot inside their apartment. Now the puppy has grown up. But it refuses to pee or poop outside when they take it out walking. It insists on using its assigned spot at home.

My mom comments, “It’s all a matter of setting rules from very beginning. So is it with human babies.” Very true!

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