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1, Mar 19, 2018

The work ethic that we all should have…

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This is what I learned from my son last weekend. He has to let go one employee, which is the toughest job of all.

This employee works in customer experience section. The company paid her handsomely considering her lack of experience and the living expense in NYC. In her late 20s she got her first job from my son’s company.

I learned that she got both bachelor and master degrees in English. The job seemed ill-fit for her. Still, a paycheck is better than without. No one can live on an empty stomach for long. What she could do is to apply for other fitting jobs while working for an ill-fitting one.

But I heard that she hated the job and was not subtle about it. Plus she didn’t treat customers professionally, which damaged the company’s reputation. And her negative attitude became contagious at work place. Something got to be done in this case. This is how she became out of job at age 30.

I thought of my experience at my last post. I never really liked doing what I had to do most of the time. And the high-IQ-low-EQ manager was no better than a nightmare. Still smile everyday and no complaint. I did an excellent job for what I got paid and had never stopped self-enriching and looking for other opportunities while holding down my paychecks.

I think people should have this work ethic. The bottom line is hold dearly to your paycheck until you find a better replacement.

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