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1, Mar 27, 2018

Talking to a college graduate about self-improvement

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Happy Birthday, my beloved daughter! Today is her birthday.

You will need to have a long-term view, like five years or a decade down the road. With the advance and wide application of AI and computing technology, job market promises to be changing more rapidly than we can imagine. It’s hard for us to predict what this market will look like in ten or twenty years.

At present you can do at least one thing and that can put you in a favorable position in the age of rapid change. That is to develop an open mindset, believing that nothing is fixed, that everything is in the process of changing, including you. Prepare yourself for and embrace the incoming change.

Take for example the girl who worked in customer experience section at my son’s company. She has a bachelor and a master degree. If you hold a narrow view about learning, growing and self-improvement, you would think that you cannot learn anything with an English degree doing customer service work.

But with an open mindset, you will realize that your growth and development involve not just skills but also in term of character-building, problem-solving, patience, empathy, and many other qualities which will help you in the long run.

The key is be aware of your surroundings and never miss an opportunity to grow and develop as a person.

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