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1, Mar 9, 2018

Morality is a shared experience

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Morality is a shared experience. I learned of this before but didn’t give it much thought. I used to think that morality existed everywhere, alone or in a group. This is true, but we behave morally only after we have internalized the socially defined moral rules.

This shared experience came back to me when I prepared for my trip home, when I came back and recalled how I felt at home, when I said nice things to people and see their happy reactions, or when I tried to have kind thoughts toward those whom by default I tend to think negatively. I realize I have intentionally tried to make others happy. Because I feel happy when I make others happy. I feel miserable if I do the opposite.

We have to make others happy if we want happiness ourselves. It seems a paradox, though it is not. Because morality is a shared experience of all social beings.

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