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1, Mar 9, 2018

For any gain, you have to initiate the effort

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Yesterday at Beijing airport, as people started boarding, I checked my boarding pass to see which group I belonged to, group 4, seat 44B, middle.

I felt dreadful at the thought of the long trip sandwiched in between. So I approached a girl working at the desk, asking if it was possible for me to change to an aisle seat because I needed to use restroom frequently. This is true. I normally drink plenty of water on the flight.

She checked and reassigned me to 38C. It turned out to be a bigger favor than I asked. The seats from 38A to 38C were all empty, so that I was able to lie down most of the trip from Beijing to Chicago. No more leg sore, feet swollen, and back pain from long sitting. Good thing I asked.

Lesson learned: for any gain, you have to initiate the effort. Nothing good will come to your way without your asking for it.

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