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1, Mar 24, 2018

Don’t punish your child with your rules

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Initially parents set the rules for their children, regardless they like it or not. Because parents believe these rules are good for the children, like rules regarding their sleeping time or TV or cellphone or game time.

The children are normally not thrilled about any rules imposed on them. Who would be? They might feel even less thrilled if rules are enforced by certain punishment for violation that you define. Rules are necessary, but it will make a huge difference if punishment does not come from you.

Instead of telling your child the consequence of breaking the rules you set, you ask your child what the consequence would be, that is, inviting your child to come up with his own punishment. Right. He knows clearly what punishment he should get. He will be really thrilled and harboring no trace of resentment if you are receptive and lenient toward his version of punishment.

E.g. if the child says “No TV for a week,” you would say, “That’s too harsh. How about 6 days?”
This is how you hand over to your child the punishment for violating your rules. And make him a happy one at the same time.

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