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1, Jan 10, 2018

How I handle distractions

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If I sit for too long doing one thing, my legs get sore and I tend to become less attentive and efficient. So I always set a 30-minute timer when I sit down.

Very often some random thoughts crop up while I am reading or in the middle of a 30-minute timer. On the one hand, I am tempted to do something right that minute because I don’t want to forget these thoughts. On the other hand, I hate to “break my concentration during pomodoro sessions” or get sidetracked.

So I write them on a post-it note and will take care of them later. When I handle one issue, I set timer for however long I allow myself for this issue, so that I don’t let one issue take over my day or my plan for the day.

I wrote to my daughter today, “I am sure the situation sounds familiar to you. I hope you have some mechanisms to handle this.” She wrote this to me, “Yeah, I also write things down on a notepad window when I don’t want to break my concentration during pomodoro sessions.”

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