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1, Jan 9, 2018

End of holiday, Start getting serious with New Year Resoluton

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We drove to the airport early this morning. My daughter needed to catch 6:40 am flight to NYC. After getting back from the airport, I was waiting at home for news of her safe landing.

A little after 9 am, I received a message from Delta notifying me of the arrival of the flight. Soon I also heard from my daughter. It made me feel better after hearing from her. Then I drove the car to Firestone for oil change. From there I walked back home.

I planned to do some cleaning after I got back. But as I moved around the house, seeing clothes lying here and there, I felt rather sad, so much so that I felt like crying. I miss my children very much. They are so far away now.

So I thought it not a good time to move around the house. I need to focus hard on something. I need to start working on my New Year Resolution. I really need something to keep my spirit up, something my children will be proud of.

For today, I picked up John Grisham’s novel The Firm.

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