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1, Jan 20, 2018

Education is a lifelong pursuit

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Today my daughter asked me, “Are you upset about the re-education? Going to the countryside at age 18.” I told her, “Not really.”

“I think it made me value the opportunity to go back to school years later. Also it made me tougher and able to undertake hardships.

When looking back, I wish I had some proper guidance when I was 18 years old. I was told to get re-education in the countryside, but I didn’t see the good qualities that I was supposed to learn, because I had no idea what to learn and what education really meant.

If you were to spend a year or two in the countryside now, I think I could give you better advice than what I received. At that time my definition of education was very narrow.

There is no such thing as re-education. Education is supposed to last lifetime and knows no restriction regarding when and where. For those with an open mind, they educate themselves wherever and whenever they find themselves.”

Learning without teachers and classroom. Learning anywhere, anytime. This is what I want to share with my daughter now.

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