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1, Feb 28, 2015

Back to my 2015 New Year Resolutions

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Today is the last day of the second month of the new year. To be honest, I have not adhered to my new year resolution so far. I keep finding excuses for myself.

First, I told myself I would start after my daughter left for school. After she left on 1/11/2015, I started getting the room ready for the arrival of two young relatives from China. They would arrive on 1/25.

Then, while they were here, I told myself I would start after they left. On the early morning of 2/14, the two relatives for Los Angeles.

After they left, the other adult in the house came down with cold and cough. Plus, I felt tired and needed time to recover. Plus, I thought I would file tax return first.

Last weekend, I planned to work on our tax return. This weekend I tried to do the same. I thought I could do the tax return by myself without having to buy the commercial software. I tried and became frustrated. In the end I decided to simply buy Turbo Tax Deluxe 2014 Fed + State.

I should have bought this two weeks ago! I should always seek ways to save time instead of money. Now I feel more frustrated and anxious for not getting anything done while seeing two months passing by…

1, Feb 2, 2015

Your office is a platform for something bigger than a paycheck

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I went for my first interview of the year on 1/6/2015, Compliance and Monitoring Specialist position. No news so far, which means a gone case. I should not feel too bad about this lost one, even though being rejected is always a bad moment to endure. Yes, I don’t like the idea of being rejected. I like rejecting others, not been rejected by others.

After all, taking this job means (1) driving around the town to all the five clinics — Lee’s Summit in the east, airport up north, and of course far west clinic, and much more. It is almost dreadful when I think of all the driving, the stress, the risk associated with it. I always find it hard to focus on driving for a long time. (2) it will keep me super busy, leaving zero free second for what I enjoy doing, like what I am doing now, thinking and writing. (3) I have to glue my eyes to the computer all the time verifying data like monitoring job, which means havoc and long term damage to my aged vision. I used to take pity on those monitors for their boring and eye-ruining work.

I almost hate this job even before taking it. The most thing I like about this job is its title. Well, vanity plays a role, I should say.

For now, I want to remind myself of this: your work or the office provided by your employer is at best the platform for something bigger than a mere paycheck, something of your personal agenda. You define what your personal agenda is. You must have something of your own all the time. You can never build your happiness on the unreliable whim/mood/like/dislike of others. This is also the message that I want to share with my children.

You are your own savior. Remember the song The International?
“No saviour from on high delivers
No faith have we in prince or peer
Our own right hand the chains must shiver”

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