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1, Apr 1, 2014

How to avoid micromanagement

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Last weekend, when I was driving to the bookstore, the weather was so nice that it felt like spring. I thought of a Chinese children’s song, “Where is spring? Spring is in the eyes of the children…” The song reminds me of my daughter and of the time when I was singing this song and driving her around. The memory of past threw me into a sad mood. I need to keep myself busy so that I won’t have time for sadness. This much I know and will follow.

This is the notes that I took when I was at Barnes & Nobles on weekend. From magazine, p. 18 the four tips on “The Micromanager’s guide to delegation.” I thought of my son when I read this part.

(1) Keep a work log to keep track of tasks in an organized way.
(2) Have more people report to you.
(3) Know your people (assessing the skills of each of the team members)
(4) Be a good coach.
Last thing, think of delegation as an investment.

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