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1, Mar 23, 2014

Volker Bertelman and his album “Abandoned City”

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On 3/23/2014, while I was taking my lovely weekend morning walk and listening to NPR, the story of Volker Bertelman and his album “Abandoned City” caught my attention. After that, I couldn’t forget his words and feel that I must share it with my readers.

When they talked about experiment with prepared piano and why he did it,

Prepared piano: “…explored the possibilities of the prepared piano by wedging pieces of leather, felt or rubber between the piano strings, wrapping aluminium foil around the hammers, placing small objects on the strings or joining them together with guitar strings or adhesive tape.”

he said something like this, “it [prepared piano] leads to a lot of questions about myself.

Are you able to actually jump over habits? Are you able to actually work on a bigger scale than you normally think and feel that things that seem to be impossible are actually possible?”

That’s rather thought-provoking. How many of us think of questions like these in our every day life?

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