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1, Mar 16, 2014

Spring Break for my daughter

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Yesterday, 3/15, Spring break began at my daughter’s school. My daughter left for New York City to spend a few days with her brother. The bus left around 5 PM. I told my daughter to text me when she arrived there. Around 9 PM, I started checking for her message every other minute. It was around 9:45 PM New York time when I finally heard from her.

She walked from Port Authority to her brother’s apartment. Good thing there were plenty of people at that time in that part of the city. She got there in 10 minutes. I can imagine the excitement there. I wasn’t able to fall asleep after that.

Well, it is quiet here today when I had to get up around 4:30 AM to send another adult in the house to the airport to catch a 7 AM flight to China. It was not 7 yet, still dark, when I got back from the airport.

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