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1, Mar 12, 2014

After a few round of interview…

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One of the slogans that I set for myself for this year is –change 2014. That is, I was hoping the year 2014 will see some real change in my career. Actually I was determined to make some changes when I was preparing for my daughter’s college trip.

I did try sitting for a health IT certification exam last fall, but didn’t pass it. Since this year I have tried job transfer. After a few rounds of job interview and having entered the third month of the year, I still don’t have anything in hand.

Yesterday I went for an interview for an ETL developer position. I had some experience with ETL back in 2002. But with new technologies in recent years, I don’t think I am up to the task. I am not surprised if I don’t get the job.

When looking back, the only thing that greatly upsets me is the amount of time wasted on all these efforts. On the way back from the interview office, I was considering something else.

I will continue applying for other positions as I still want to try something else. But I will not waste time on preparing for the interview. Instead, I will set new agendas and follow them through.

Job application is something beyond my control. As the saying goes, “Man proposes, God disposes.”
So, why wasting time on something I cannot control. I will spend time on something that I can control and can see the positive result.

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