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1, Feb 8, 2014

Watching 2014 Sochi winter Olympics opening ceremony

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Finally Friday came. It has been a rather long and rough week. By the end of weekday I felt more than ready to enjoy the weekend.

Yesterday evening I spent many hours watching the opening ceremony of the 2014 winter Olympics. I don’t normally spend this much time on sports, but Olympic games are different, especially opening ceremonies. They are often spectacular shows and I really expect this from Russian opening ceremony. Indeed, it has not failed me.

Olympic games provide an opportunity for a world level gathering of the best athletes from all nations in the world. It fills me with enthusiasm watching these young athletes parading around, reminding me of the pursuits of the honor and glory through competitions, which is as ancient as these games.

I feel I need something like this to re-energize me after a rather depressing week. I feel a lot better now. I am going to watch more of the games in the days to come — going to have a good time.

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