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1, Jan 26, 2014

More writings after I set down on another post

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The thought came to me when a colleague of mine asked me when I would write again and also my children asked me not to stop writing.

Yeah right, as if they were interested in reading them. Well, I know that’s not their point. The point is, at least from my children’s point of view, writing is good to me, even though they don’t have the time to read them now. I got it.

I plan to get back to writing after I have moved to a new position and after the dust has settled. Right now, I am too unsettled in my mind to diverge my time to other things.

I feel like heavily indebted to many parties, for not giving them enough attention. That is, I should have written more but I let it lapse. I promise I will make my first payment as soon as I move to another level of my career.

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