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1, Jan 9, 2014

Key factors that help you land a job

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During the last holiday season when I was chatting with the young folks at my home, I was further convinced of the factors that are crucial in career development, that is, your skills, network and experience.

To certain extent, having a marketable skill, a wide network and related work experience help you far effectively than a degree from a top ranking college.

Yesterday my daughter and I talked about this and the value of a college education. It is true that these key factors work better for you than a college degree, considering the exorbitant cost of college education now. In the long run, however, I told my daughter, it is better to have a college degree, expensive as it is.

On the other hand, if you go to college just for an education without building your network and gaining certain work experience, you are pretty much limited in your career development.

Keep in mind learning is a lifetime endeavor. You can always learn in or out of school. But network helps you build a wide career base. I hope young people today can understand this key point.

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