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1, Nov 22, 2013

The end of a few months efforts

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I felt extremely low in spirits after the test ended today, because I knew I didn’t pass it. The time-out screen suddenly screamed out when I still had about 10 more to go. The result confirmed my fear.

Either I didn’t manage my time well or I was too slow to go through this 100-question test in 120 minutes. Most of them are cases or scenarios that need resolution, which I couldn’t resolve in that time frame. Surely, I wasn’t able to read and think as fast as I was required to. Another big factor, I think it didn’t test what I have prepared.

I checked my cell phone after I got home and found some unanswered calls. My daughter called. I texted to my daughter and some friends about the result.

My daughter texted back. “I’m sorry you didn’t pass :(( Will you try again? At least you tried though! The time you spent studying wasn’t wasted either, because you learned something in the end.” A friend of mine also asked if I would try again.

Now I felt a lot better now. At least I tried, even though I didn’t pass it. Of course I have learned a lot.

That’s the end of all the efforts I made in the past few months. Now I need to shift gears and get myself in the mood for the coming holiday.

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