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1, Nov 28, 2013

The cost of the stuffs, unused and clustered in your house

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As I continue plodding on house-cleaning, for some reasons, I thought of an article that I read long ago “How Much Money Is Your Clutter Costing You?”

And then, I read this piece recently “10 Clever Uses for the Space Under the Stairs.” As I read it, I couldn’t help asking, “Why do we have so much junks and we need so much space?”

Perhaps because I saw in my house something stored in boxes or piled in a corner, unused and untouched for many years and will remain so until we move out of this space. “What shall I do with them?” I don’t know how many times I have asked myself. Yet, this question always comes to my mind when I clean the house and see the piles of unused and untouched stuffs.

I know they are burdens but I never think of the cost of the stuffs that I am not using, nor intend to use. It actually cost more than the space they occupy. It cost my time to think about them. Yes, I have to think hard about how to dispose them without committing the crime of being wasteful.

I never thought of this when I bought them. Now I have to deal with the consequence of thoughtless shopping. Another cost.

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