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1, Oct 12, 2013

You are judged not by how you are treated but by how you treat others

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A young relative of mine told me a few weeks ago that his girl friend jilted him when she found another one. To say he was upset is too much an understatement. I know whatever I say would not alleviate the pain that he has to endure.

With experience like this, people are very much tempted to have negative thoughts toward the other party or even toward people in general.

I am sure there are mountains of writings on this subject. After covering over a half century’s life journey, I have come to terms with some of realities in life that are beyond my control.

First of all, sometimes people make decisions based on their feelings, sometimes on other matters. No matter what justification that they can think out, it’s their decision. Live and let live.

Secondly, you are judged not by how other people treat you but how you treat others. Be kind, always.

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