Whether or not you should pursue a master’s degree

During last weekend, I bumped into an article that discusses the good and bad of various master degrees. This reminds me of the question that many of my friends asked, “Is your son going to graduate school?” I believe you have to have some good reasons to invest another two years and plenty of money for that gain. I am glad to read this part below.

“Bardaro says there are three good reasons to obtain a master’s degree (not including those required for a given career path).

One is the desire to increase your knowledge in a given field, which includes obtaining new skills not taught in many undergraduate educations;

the second is to make valuable alumni connections that can prove useful in today’s tough job market;

and third, to set yourself apart from those with only a bachelor’s degree.

‘However, more education can sometimes hinder you more than help you with certain job openings. In lean economic times, some companies may prefer the less educated cheaper employee than the more educated more expensive one.'”

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