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1, Oct 7, 2013

“In the brain, pleasure areas are intimately linked with social areas”

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Last weekend I spent most of the time preparing for the exam that I am so eager to pass. I set a rule for myself when I am reading or writing at home. I know my energy will be at a low ebb and I will be less efficient if I keep reading for hours without a break. So I use a timer to give myself a 10-minute-break after 30 minutes. By alternating between reading and other activities, I find myself more focused.

Of course, during breaks, I continue the endless task of room cleaning. Last weekend, at one point, I was holding another reading note, taken in 6/2010. It is from Psychology Today. I am not sure if I have ever written anything on this. Here’s a bit of it.

“In the brain, pleasure areas are intimately linked with social areas.”

“Giving others gives us pleasure because it involves in paying attention to the thoughts and emotions of other people.”

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