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1, Sep 7, 2013

Two treasures that we all have

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During my recent frenzy cleaning drive, I dug up many hand-written index cards that I once wrote when my son was small. One of them has this.
2 treasures that we have

It goes like this.
We all have two treasures: hands and brain.
With our hands, we can make things.
With our brain, we can think.
On the ond hand, we cannot do a good job of making stuffs if we only use our hands without using our brain; on the other hand, we cannot accomplish everything if we only use our brain without our hands.
Only by using both hands and brain can we achieve whatever we want to.

With the leaving of my daughter, I see myself no longer play the parenting role. And looking ahead, what’s the use of keeping parenting books and reading materials. It especially hurts when I see materials like this one that I used when my son was a little boy. I have chosen to throw away anything of this type so that I can focus on the future.

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