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1, Sep 27, 2013

Time spent with the children prepare them for their own journey

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Once again, below is the note that I wrote while I was in China in 2008.

One evening, my sisters and I talked about life’s journey with the parents. We all start our life’s journey with our parents. As we grow bigger and strong, we gradually move away from them and continue the journey on our own.

Parents’ loving care is very crucial in preparing us to get on our own journey, independent of them. Because parents cannot be with us throughout our lives, unless we tragically terminate our journey ahead of them.

At that time I didn’t think it wise to continue companying children in their life’s journey as long as we live, even after they become adults. I thought a successful parenting meant bringing up independent individuals, that is, children eventually stands on their own without the crutch of the parents. Now, I think it would be nice if parents and children can be together, even after they become independent.

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