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1, Sep 26, 2013

The November 13, 2008 trip to China

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Below is the note that I jotted down on a notepad for my 2008 trip home. I keyed it into computer before the note was discarded.

11/13/2008, left for airport around 6 AM, although the flight departed a little after 9 AM. The first transfer was made in Detroit. From there I got on the plane for Tyokyo Narita airport. Three Chinese youngsters were sitting by my side. They must be students at some college, yet they looked so young and I couldn’t believe they were heading for school at this time of the semester. So I couldn’t help asking them. It turned out that they were seniors at Qing Hua University, having been to MIT for a biology-information technology competition. Now they were heading back home.

I learned from them that the Qing Hua team won bronze while MIT got the gold. They were young, intelligent and eager to learn, which reminded me of something in the past. At first, they thought I was a visiting parent, going back home.

On the long flight home, I watched some movies, which reminded me of my children. I told myself after I got back home I must find some time to watch movie with my children. It’s been a long time since we did that.

11/17/2008, I went to a local hospital to have a physical checkup
11/18, I went to Tong Ren hospital with my mother
11/19, I went to have lunch with the Dong sisters at Xi Dan
11/19-20, my mother went to Guang An Men
11/21, I went to Hao Yu’s apartment
11/22, I went to Xi Dan Bookstore to buy some simplified French novels
11/23, I learned from the Skype that there was a fight between my daughter and another youngster at my house in the U.S.
11/27, I left for the U.S.

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