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1, Sep 25, 2013

Spend as much time as you can with your children when they are with you

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I heard some parents complain that children take up too much of their time, that they don’t have the time for themselves, that they demand their right for their own entertainment.

I would not condemn this as being selfish. I would only have this much to say to these parents —

When the children are off for college or out of your home, when your nest is empty, you will have all the time for yourself. Nobody will fight for your time. Happy!

For your own happiness and for that of your children, we parents should always keep in mind that children are with us for only 18 years. And these 18 years flash past very fast. Value the moment when the children are with you. Enrich both your life and your children’s by spending as much time with them as you possibly can.

I am glad I have done that. And because of this, my life has been tremendously enriched by them. This much I cherish dearly.

My sister once told me this, and I totally agree with her.
parents spending as much time as they can with their children

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