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1, Sep 24, 2013

Off to college, the children are on the way to their own home

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On the way to Boston when we sent my son in 2007, I had painfully realized that once the children left home, they would no longer view their parents’ house as their permanent home like before.

Any time they come back, it’s always a short visit. That long term stay, month after month, with their parents is gone forever. This is just a sad unavoidable reality. It hurts me to think about this. The thought came back when we sent my daughter away, even though I have tried to avoid the thought.

I figure the only way to stay upbeat and healthy is to forget the past and focus on the future. Otherwise, there is no end of misery. And physically and emotionally, the aging parents cannot afford such misery.

One upbeat event that I need to remind myself is: ever since my daughter left for college, my son often calls home, more frequently than before and my daughter Skypes with us at least once a week. A huge comfort to me. I should be content now.

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