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1, Sep 15, 2013

Memories with the old Border’s bookstore

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Yesterday, 9/15, Saturday afternoon, I went to Natural Grocers store on Metcalf and 91st street. I wasn’t able to get the kind of chia seeds when I went to Whole Foods store last Thursday. I remember my daughter got chia seeds here.

My mind was instantly flooded with memories of the past when I was approaching Natural Grocers store. That location used to be Border’s bookstore. After the bookstore closed over two years ago, this grocery store moved in.

Border’s bookstore used to be our family’s favorite place on weekend or in the evening ever since we moved into the area in 1998. I remember vividly when I took both of my children to Border’s, one was 9 years old, the other 3. They could spend hours reading there.

After Border’s closed, I started taking my daughter to Barnes and Noble’s bookstore. No matter where we live, local bookstores are always the place we visit most and spend most time in.

Now that both of my children are not home, I think of those moments but dare not going there again, even on weekend.

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