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1, Sep 18, 2013

“good ethics is good business”

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When I was in New York in late August, my son told me an unfortunate event of a friend of his.

The boy was also from MIT. A very smart and successful one, he made 6-digit annual salary for a finance company. He quit his job to start his own company. Prior to that, he emailed to himself the file with complicated algorithm codes. To be sure, these codes are company’s property. He knew it was not a proper thing to do, so he changed the name of the file before emailing.

Now, he is facing charges of theft and could face a few years’ jail sentence.

While my son was feeling sad for his friend, I thought of these words from The Dream of Red Chamber.
From dream of red chamber

Do the right thing, as this is the only way to be happy, even though you might not be that rich.

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