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1, Aug 24, 2013

We are on the road again to send my daughter to college

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We are on the road again exactly like we did 6 years ago with my son in the car, driving to the east coast. This time we are sending my daughter to college.

8/24, leave KC early in the moring.
8/25, arrive in New York in the evening to see my son and his girl friend.
8/26, leave for her college in the afternoon, taking my son with us.
8/27, my son will take a bus back to New York on Tuesday morning to go to work.
8/30, we will drive back to KS.

On 8/22, my daughter went to see a movie with a friend of hers. While I was cleaning the room, I saw some Jo-Ann Fabrics store coupons lying on the floor, which I always save for my daughter. Both of us like to shop at that store to buy some crafts and art equipments. When I thought of her leaving and the fact she was on the way to build her next home, I realized it was no longer necessary for me to collect these coupons. Suddenly, a rush of sadness grabbed me. I felt so sad that nothing seemed to make sense any more and of course, I couldn’t control my tears.

Something will always reminds me of my children. Every time I drive by SMS, I think of the time when my children went there. Every time I see a group of boys running outside SMS along Lamar, I think of my son when he just entered high school 10 years ago. He was running with a group of boys right after school, hot and shirtless. He was a skinny teen then…

I know I will have some rough time ahead after my daughter leaves.

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