The first day of August, with only 5 months left for the year

I can’t believe it is already August. 7/12 of the year has gone.
I asked my mother yesterday over Skype if she still got something special for August First, the day celebrating the establishment of Chinese PLA. She said no. She had been out of the army for so long, over half of a century. It should be the turn of the newly retired army officers and solders. Nice thinking.

I set the goal of having two publications at a professional journal this year. I think I am pretty close to the goal now, with one already published in June, another having been accepted by and most likely coming out from the same journal.

Authors don’t get paid for their publications, but the greatly coveted honor and distinction associated with a publication at a professional journal is not something you can buy with money. That’s why both of my children say they are very proud of me.

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