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1, Aug 21, 2013

“The fact I am not in the office matters most”

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Last week I was chatting with a friend of mine about job and children going to college, etc. How I wish I could transfer my job to wherever my children are. Or I could follow them wherever they go.

My friend mentioned retirement. To be honest, I am not horribly fond of going to the office everyday. Instead, I would rather go somewhere else whenever I want.

Also last Friday, when I asked an NP at our clinic, “What’s your plan for the weekend?” She said, “No plan. The fact I am not in the office matters most. That means I can do whatever I want.” That echoes my thought.

Last weekend, I happened to read something about retirement. Here’s an excerpt of the article.

“It’s not just a love of working that has kept Prosen toiling away 30 hours a week as an octogenarian. He also sees keeping busy as a matter of life or death.

Prosen said he is certain that if he stopped working entirely, he would literally die not long after.

He could be on to something. A number of studies show that retirement is, in fact, bad for your health.”

I am sure this is the case with those who don’t have their personal agenda or goals to go after during their employment years. For me, my plate is always full and I can always find something to keep me super busy.

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