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1, Aug 31, 2013

Sending my daughter to college and coming back to KS

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This is what happened during these unforgettable days.

8/24/2013, Saturday, three of us left KS at 2:30 am, arrived at Washington, PA at about 6 pm that day.

8/25/2013, Sunday, we left Washington, PA for New York at about 6 am, arrived NY at 2 pm, went to DoubleTree hotel and parked the car, went to a donut place to meet my son and his girlfriend, went to see their apartment, went to Central Park, went to a Chinese restaurant. After dinner, my son walked with us to our hotel. Then, my son and my daughter walked back to my son’s apartment to spend the night there. The hotel is on west 36th Street, New York city, just off the 8th avenue. His apartment is on east 62nd street, not far from Central Park.

8/26/2013, Monday, we walked to my son’s apartment, then three of us went to have breakfast. After that, my daughter and us went back to the hotel to check out the room, get the car, then we drove to my son’s apartment to pick him up. He had a lunch meeting with his friends. Four of us drove to South Hadley MA from there.

8/27/2013, Tuesday, we drove to my daughter’s college in the morning, sent my son to Peter Pan bus station at 11:30 am. We went back to our hotel, my daughter took a nap, went to Wal-Mart for refrigerator, looked for bestbuy for a long time, finally found it and got the refrigerator, then went to Target nearby and found something cheaper and better, returned the one bought at bestbuy, bought the one at the Target. We went to a Chinese restaurant for the dinner.

8/28/2013, Wednesday, we helped my daughter move in early in the morning, attended the open-door BBQ which was to welcome the new students and their families, in the evening we went to another reception for all the new people. Met some Chinese parents there.

8/29-30/2013, Thursday and Friday, we went to my daughter’s dorm to say goodbye to her, then left for KS at 7:45 am, drove overnight, got back home a little after 11 am yesterday morning.

On the way there, the car was fully packed with three of us. On the way back, the car seemed so empty that I even felt it a waste to drive our big Highlander instead of our sedan car. Of course, back home, the house is even more empty and joyless without my daughter.

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