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1, Jul 13, 2013

Use your brain to fight mental decline

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This is nothing new. Still, as if this were the first time that I learned this, I love keeping these articles here for my friends and my relatives. —Active brain ‘keeps dementia at bay’, 7/1/2013, by Helen Briggs

“Keeping mentally active by reading books or writing letters helps protect the brain in old age, a study suggests.”

“A lifetime of mental challenges leads to slower cognitive decline after factoring out dementia’s impact on the brain, US researchers say.”

Also, “the best way to lower dementia risk was to eat a balanced diet, exercise and stay slim.”

Even though, “More research and bigger studies are needed, … in the meantime reading more and doing crosswords can be enjoyable and certainly won’t do you any harm. ‘The best way to reduce your risk of developing dementia is to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.'”

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