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1, Jul 11, 2013

Today in History, my father left us 26 years ago today

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My father (10/30/1929 – 7/11/1987) was still young when he left us 26 years ago.

This year when I went back to China, my mother talked to me again about my father. Most of the stories are not new to me. My mother told me my father was a real kind-hearted man. She had never heard him say unkind words about others, not a single one, either in front of or behind that person. If he heard others say something along that line, he would only smile.

Honestly, none of his three children are like him in this aspect. We all gossip and indulge in endless exchanges of nasty words behind people’s back. Strange enough, both of my children are like their grandpa. They would correct me or my prejudice when I behave this way.

When my father died, I couldn’t understand why he left so young because I still believed at that time that good people would have a happy ending. Not really. In real life, good people often die early probably because they have been too nice to others and too unselfish to give themselves a break, break from being nice to others. Also in real life, selfish people way outlive unselfish ones. Why?

I took this picture on 6/1 this year when I went to Ba-bao-shan with my daughter this year.
Words on My fathers tombstone

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