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1, Jul 14, 2013

It is scary to read what those doctors have done

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Can you trust your doctor this time? Read this article if you are not convinced and not scary like me — “Surgical errors rise in Mass. despite new controls. Many preventable mistakes cited, but few of them caused serious harm”
By Liz Kowalczyk, 7/7/2013

“Massachusetts hospitals are reporting more errors during surgery and invasive procedures, even after an intensive, decade-long campaign to reduce these mistakes — called “never events” because they’re preventable and, with reasonable precautions, simply shouldn’t happen.”

“Errors disclosed to state health officials since 2011 included anesthesia injected into the wrong leg, a guidewire left inside a patient’s vein, and a catheter threaded into a patient who didn’t need one, according to hospital safety leaders.”

Read the article in its entirety for more stories.

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