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1, Jul 30, 2013

Early morning walk… the benefits and the rest

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A letter from a neighbor
After receiving this letter from a neighbor, I decided to force myself to use the sidewalk, even if I have to go through an active sprinkler system and get soaked after that, even if some part of sidewalk is too dark and unsafe for me to walk early in the morning.

I told my daughter that I might move my morning walk to the afternoon after I get back from work. She doesn’t think it a good idea. “You are always too tired to do anything when you get home. You won’t have the energy to take a walk. Beside, he just exaggerated. We seldom see cars when we go out in the morning.” That’s true. Plus, I see other neighbors not using sidewalk, too.

Still, I think I will buy myself a personal safety gadget, like a spray or loud siren when I walk through dark sidewalk.

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